Memphis College Football

Why is it that a lot of people so fervently root for college football teams, even when they never attended to that school? Why it is that college football is so popular that it’s practically a love affair to a lot of football fans? There are a lot of questions about college football that, when one attempts to explain it, only leads to more confusion.

There’s a fever for college football, and it cannot be denied just how much people are extremely hooked on it. Every season, people are there to give their full support to their team and raise hell against the opposition. One of the many college football teams right now, is Memphis College, Memphis Tigers. In an effort to understand the state of college football, you can take a closer look at Memphis College Football. The competitive nature of college football can also spill over to friendly wagers that can (oftentimes) get out of hand – credit repair sites can help out those who ended up mired in debt.

Memphis Tigers College Football Team

Memphis Tigers is the football team representing the University of Memphis, at the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. The team had their first season back in 1912, and is presently playing as an all-sports member of the American Athletic Conference. As of December 4, 2015, Mike Norwell was introduced as the head coach of the football team.

The Memphis college football team held their home games at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. The Memphis Tigers have already won more than 450 games, ever since the team’s first season. They have also appeared in about 9 bowl games, during that time. At the same time, the Memphis college football team has claimed 5 championships, together with the latest title in 2015, in the American Athletic Conference.

How It All Started

The history of the Memphis college football started in 1912, back when the University of Memphis was still called, ‘West Tennessee State Teacher’s College’. During that time, the football team’s coach was Clyde Wilson. By 1922, the team’s head coach was Lester Barnard and they were able to compile a record of 5-2-2.

There are a number of coaches that served as coach to the Memphis team. Aside from Clyde Wilson and Lester Barnard, Allyn McKeen served as coach to the Tiger in 1937-1938. He compiled a 13-6 record, while in 1938, his team was undefeated with a 10-0 record, and then (after 2 seasons) left his position as coach, in 1991.

It was 1941 when the West Tennessee State Teacher’s College’s name changed, to Memphis State College. By 1943 to 1945, due to World War II, the team didn’t field for a soccer team. After the Second World War, a number of prominent names in the college football industry served as Memphis Collage Football coaches. Such were:

  • Billy Murphy in 1958 to 1971 for 14 seasons

  • Fred Pancoast in 1972 to 1974 for 3 seasons

  • Richard Williamson in 1975 to 1980 for 6 seasons

  • Rex Dockery in 1981 to 1983

  • Rey Dempsey in 1986 to 1988 for 3 seasons

  • Chuck Stobart in 1990 to 1994 for 5 seasons

  • Rip Scherer in 1995 to 2000

  • Tommy West in 2001 to 2009

  • Larry Porter in 2010 to 2011

  • Justin Fuente in 2012 to 2015

  • Mike Norvel in 2015 to present

These are all the coaches who worked and help the Memphis College Football become what they are today. With each coach (along with the team’s effort and fans’ support), Memphis Tigers continues to play in some of the most exciting football games in the American college football scene. As an aside, bets (of any kind) were never encouraged, but those who discovered how toxic bets can put them in debt – and in hot water with ic systems (or some other debt collection agency) – they can seek financial counsel to learn how to fix matters.

The Memphis team has played in 9 bowl games and it was in 2014, when they were able to break that “five-year drought”. That year, the team was invited to play in Miami Beach Bowl’s inaugural. Their very first appearance in bowl games was in 1956. It was that year when the team was victorious over Easy Tennessee State.

The victory happened in Burley Bowl, at the Johnson City, Tennessee – where they won 32-12. They have also appeared in bowl games, including the New Orleans Bowl, GMAC Bowl, St. Petersburg Bowl, Pasadena Bowl and Motor City Bowl. Memphis is a 5-4 all-time player in bowl games, as of present.

At first, there was not a name for the group yet, when they first fielded in 1912. They were only referred to as the “Blue and Gray Warriors of West Tennessee Normal School”. But during the 1914 season, when a students were shouting, “We fight like Tigers”, the nickname for the Memphis Tigers was born.

These days, the team has a number of games on the lineup, and is very eager to showcase the team’s spirit. In 2016, they are off to face the Bowling Green, Kansas, Ole Miss and Southeast Missouri State. They owe it to the fans – who continue to show overflowing support to the team. Fans (despite their loyalty) are, nonetheless, discouraged from placing bets on teams – but those who ended up in debt from such financial misadventures, are encouraged to seek the help of debt management experts (to resolve matters).

It is with the fans’ support that Memphis College football – and college football, in general – remain a fan favorite to this day!